Why I co-founded Supply Chain Companions

I have been working in the supply chain field for over 30 years, in various roles and industries. Over that time I have seen how our supply chains have become increasingly complex, connected and business critical. Requiring greater performance and capability from our supply chains, as we work to serve our customers and stakeholders. An example being the need for increased resilience to supply chain shocks while at the same time reducing our environmental impact. Addressing these needs as a supply chain leader is both exciting and increasingly challenging.

Throughout my career I have been privileged to have mentors who guided me along the way, who shared their insights and wisdom, and who supported me in times of difficulty. I consider myself very fortunate to have had such mentors. But I realize that not every supply chain leader has access to mentors or advisors. That’s why I decided to co-found Supply Chain Companions. A small team of experienced executives, who can help supply chain leaders to navigate the supply chain landscape and achieve their business and personal objectives. Together we have over 200 years of combined expertise in various supply chain domains, such as: planning, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, customer service and digital transformation.

You might be wondering, why do supply chain leaders need support? Aren’t they already experienced and successful in their field? The answer is, yes, they are. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t face challenges or that they don’t need support and guidance. The more complex and demanding the challenges become, the more they need someone who can help them find the best solutions.

Some of the common challenges that supply chain leaders face include:

  • Aligning supply chain strategy with business strategy.
  • Managing multiple stakeholders and expectations.
  • Transforming supply chain performance and capability.
  • Navigating the landscape of possible digital solutions.
  • Enhancing supply chain sustainability and social responsibility.

These challenges are not easy to overcome and we all require some degree of support and guidance to:

  • Gain clarity and focus on the business critical goals and priorities.
  • Develop and implement effective action plans and solutions.
  • Expand our view on current best practises and future trends.
  • Overcome obstacles and setbacks.

In summary, I co-founded Supply Chain Companions to help accompany supply chain leaders along their transformation journeys: mentoring, advising and guiding the way.

Tariq Farooq
Co-founder of Supply Chain Companions